Antonio Mallia, Jaime Alonso Lorenzo. C++: Unexpected Behaviour.

Abstract: Do you really think to know C++? Then you probably want to participate in this talk, you will discover the most surprising, weird, strange or really “WTF” language features you could encounter. There are so many obscure corners of the language that seem to go against common programming intuition. The freedom that C++ gives the programmer may be a double-edged sword; while the user can do many things that have been abstracted away in other languages, it’s very easy to shoot ourselves in the foot. From unintended private member access to unexpected function definitions, in this talk, we will walk you through the quirks that still exist in the language today, and the motivations behind them.

Meeting C++ 2017 Topconf Duesseldorf 2017
Antonio Mallia, Nicola Corti. Backend for Android Developers.

Abstract: We believe that every Android developer should be able to write a simple but powerful backend without having to maintain a massive boilerplate codebase. So, what’s better than a Java framework and a NoSQL database for storing your data? Moreover, the client code can become really hard to maintain when dealing with common tasks such as RESTful requests or user authentication. In spending time trying to reinvent the wheel, you will lose your focus on what’s really important: your users. In this talk we will learn how to develop a full stack project, from the backend, through the protocol to the Android application.

Droidcon Turin 2016